Pakistan has faced the worst kind of Terrorism for 10 years, Imran Khan

Imran Khan said with Pakistan having faced the worst kind of terrorism for 10 years which took the lives of over 70,000 and Sri Lanka also facing the menace for 30 years, the two countries shared the common problem.

He mentioned the role played by Pakistan in addressing the problem of terrorism in Sri Lanka that was hindering its progress and development. The prime minister said with 10 years of terrorism, there hardly came any investment in Pakistan and Sri Lanka also faced similar problems. Now Pakistan and Sri Lanka like other countries of world faced the situation of coronavirus, he added. The poor and developing nations were badly hit by COVID-19 in terms of economy, he remarked.

Imran Khan said during the talks, the two sides discussed how the poor and developing countries could get debt relief from the developed world as well as the international financial institutions. Highlighting the gravity of economic situation faced by the developing countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Imran Khan said Pakistan had provided a stimulus package of $8 billion as compared to $3,000 billion provided by the United States to its people.

With the situation of discrepancy of resource allocation found between the developed and developing worlds to deal with COVID-19, the United Nations and other international institutions should step in to help the poor and developing nations, he added. Coming back to the bilateral relations, Imran Khan said Pakistan having various heritage sites was home to ancient civilizations of Gandhara and Budhism. A biggest Budha had recently been found in the country, he added.

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