Pakistan has successfully tested Babar & Shaheen against India

The Pakistan National Cricket Team emerged victorious in the most dominating performance ever, against India.

It was probably the first time ever that we emerged gloriously triumphant. Superb coordination could be noticed from the very outset. Our team delivered an unbelievable performance in the T20 World Cup against India.

Many termed the match as an extra ordinary cricket out there. Doubtlessly, it can be said that the crowd in the stadium may never have witnessed such a performance before.

I mean it was a feast to our eyes watching such tantalizing cricket. Pakistan beat India in their journey of power play as witnessed by the sporting lovers. This is for the first time that India lost to Pakistan in a 2020 world cricketing match. They dominated their supremacy from the outset. There has been celebratory firing across Pakistan. They are all over the moon. Babar Azam was superb. The calm demeanor of the team is what led it to victory.

We commend the green shirts for this! There was great synchronization between the players. I think the national team out did Indians. The Indians did try to bowl well. But they could not win the match over.

Pakistan National team’s fielding was exceptional. The team took over the field gracefully. Harris Rauf’s bowling was incredible.

It should be noted that Pakistan won by 10 wickets. The Indian spectators slowly withdrew from the stadium. The old renowned Pakistani players who could not reach the mark, these guys did it for them. Harris Rauf shut his critics up by doing what he did. An absolutely phenomenal win is exactly what Pakistan needed and deserved. Babar’s captaincy has taken a great leap forward.

Today, the country celebrates like never before; a great day for them indeed. Shadab stayed shadaab o abaad during the match. Pakistan team zindabad!

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