Pakistan May Increase Visa-Issuing Services for Afghans: Ambassador

The Pakistan ambassador in Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, said that Islamabad is seeking to facilitate the visa-issuing process for the Afghans.

Talking on the occasion on Pakistan’s independence day, he said that the relations between Kabul and Islamabad have increased since the Islamic Emirate swept into power.

“Over one last year, the changes which have been made and the current government came to power… our relations with the government and people of Afghanistan have extended,” he said.

“In the coming weeks, we will talk on government level with the ministries of Foreign and Interior Affairs of Afghanistan. We have made the decision to solve this problem together. There may be further facilities in visa issuing process within some next weeks,” Ahmad Khan added.

Meanwhile, the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan, Ahmad Shikib, said in a video message marking Pakistan’s independence day that the Islamic Emirate has been trying to facilitate further relations with Pakistan.

“Since the establishment of the new Islamic government in Kabul, we have been supporting the wider interest of each other,” he said.

The analysts gave their opinions:

“Afghanistan and Pakistan need each other in the current situation. Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan so no more Afghans go to Pakistan” said Ahmad Khan Andar, a political analyst.

Pakistan is trying to facilitate the visa-issuing process as many Afghans who are seeking to visit Pakistan earlier complained over the slow processing of visas and existing challenges.