Pakistan Navy’s missile praised at DIMDEX 2022

At the eleventh Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX), Pakistan showcased its new anti-ship missile, Harbah.

Pakistani state-owned company Global Industrial Defence Solutions (GIDS) showcased the new anti-ship cruise missile for the first time at an international forum and garnered a lot of attention. Harbah is an “all weather” medium range subsonic cruise missile that is capable of targeting sea and land targets. The maximum range of the missile is approximately around 280 km.

The Harbah is a non-nuclear, fire and forget type of missile and is thought to be derived from the family of Babur missiles. It uses a DSMASC camera, radar and an infrared seeker to guide its trajectory. The Harbah has a modular design that allows integration to enhance its operational capabilities.

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The indigenous production of the Harbah has bolstered the reasearch and development efforts in the country and enhanced the Navy’s capabilities in a cost effective-manner. The initial test launch was carried out in 2008 in the Arabian Sea and was launched from PNS Himmat, an Azmat class fast attack craft. The initial test was conducted soon after the United States under the Trump administration threatened to cut economy aid class.

Shortly after the successful launch, the media wing of the armed forces noted that “successful live weapon firing has once again demonstrated the credible fire power of Pakistan Navy and the impeccable level of indigenization in high tech weaponry achieved by Pakistan’s defense industry.”

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ISPR further added that “the missile accurately hit its target signifying the impressive capabilities of Harbah Naval Weapon System.” According to the spokesperson of GIDS, currently, the missile is equipped on several naval platforms in the Navy.

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