Pakistan on course to become the world’s 23rd largest economy by 2040: US Intelligence report

April 11, 2021: WASHINGTON: Pakistan could become the world’s 23rd largest economy by 2040 if policies continue, according to a report by the US Intelligence Council on global trends.

According to the report, Pakistan’s current GDP rank is 39 and by 2040 it could become the 23rd largest economy in the world. The report of the American Intelligence Council states that by 2035, Karachi will become the fourth most populous city in the world. According to the report, the trend of global economic activity between 2030 and 2040 will be towards Asia.

The US Intelligence Council says tensions between the United States and China could escalate, with changes in military power, population, technology and divisions over governance models. Earlier, US policymakers had also announced that Pakistan was set to become a global superpower for the next few years.

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