Pakistan Railways Train Schedule Affected due to Fog

LAHORE, Jan 10 (APP): Pakistan Railways train schedule has been affected due to dense fog for two days across the country, and passengers are facing difficulties.

According to the train status given by the railways online on Sunday, several up and down trains were late.As per details, 1-Up Khyber Mail was late for 7:15 hours, 5-Up Greenline was 3:35 hours late, 7-Up Tezgam 3:45 hrs, 9-Up Allama Iqbal Express 3:40 hrs, 13-Up Awam Express 7:40 hrs, 17-Up Millat Express 8:50 hrs, 33-Up Pak Business Express 9:50 hrs, 35-Up Sir Syed Express 6:55 hrs, 37-Up Fareed Express 3:08 hrs, 39-Up Jaffer Express 5:10 hrs, 43-Up Shah Hussain Express 7:20 hrs, 45-Up Pakistan Express 12:15 hrs and 47-Up Rehman Baba Express was 9:05 hours late.

Whereas, 2-Dn Khyber Mail was 3:35 hours late, 6-Dn Greenline 7:53 hrs, 12-Dn Hazara Express 4 hrs, 14-Dn Awam Express 5:22 hrs, 16-Dn Karachi Express 1:15 hrs, 18-Dn Millat Express 11 hrs, 26-Dn Bahauddin Zakariya Express 2:30 hrs, 28-Dn Shalimar Express 2:45 hrs,34-Dn Pak Business Express 13:10 hrs and 44-Dn Shah Hussain Express was 10 hours late.

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