Pakistan Super League and the counterproductive traffic

PSL: Global image of state versus the adverse effects in everyday public lives

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is currently hosting its fifth cycle between February and March of 2020. Although, it helps to greatly boost a positive image of Pakistan as a host and a state, in the global community as well as providing entertainment and means of improving revenue for sports brands and athletes alike, there are many an issue faced by the general public irrespective of their interest in the sport. 

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As a woman who grew up in a typical Pakistani home where the men had two primary interests as far as entertainment was concerned, namely cricket and news, I was more inclined towards a strong dislike for it. Not only does it generally create a deeper segregation of interest between the genders, it also leads to a strong feeling of discontent as the indifferent memes and jokes start pouring in.

Sport in any form is good for the mind and body, however, we must remember to participate in it moderately so as not to affect our daily lives and bring them to a stand still. I have noticed the following difficulties that bring life in general to a standstill during any given cricket World Cup or PSL match held within or outside of Pakistan.

President and Governor Punjab at the PSL tonight

Men refuse to step away from the television. The world may be ending and they would not know because they are not bothered to step away from their screens for even a second… and then we wonder why children are glued to their screens all day and blame YouTube and the internet!

Road blockages. Broadcasting and/or especially, hosting such an event in a local stadium causes undue road and traffic blockages which thereby creates problems for the average Pakistani citizen. Old people, pregnant women and/or other patients may have trouble in getting to their nearest medical facility in time of need. Students may go through unnecessary hassle in commuting to and fro between their homes and educational institutes such as schools/colleges or even tuition centers, respectively.

Anxiety. People who are not comfortable in tight or enclosed spaces may suffer from bouts of anxiety which is a direct consequence of these road blockages. Furthermore, the amount of time it may take you in getting from Defence to Liberty while usually is half an hour, alarmingly it doubles and in certain cases, triples which is an added stress point.

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Baaghi TV reached out to some people to get their statements on the issue. We have compiled a few of those below.

One person stated, that her father-in-law and daughter were stuck in traffic for nearly two hours due to a severe road blockade which was a direct consequence of the PSL matches to ensure strict security measures for the athletes.

Another added, that the traffic congestion at Ferozepur road and areas surrounding the Gaddafi stadium create havoc for the people and should either be massively reworked or stopped entirely because it is “more of a hassle than an enjoyment”.

Another participant added that “the places around stadiums are totally shut down, which may cause problems in case of medical emergencies for the people residing nearby.”

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