PAKISTAN: The overall rate of inflation reached 14.31%

  ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics has issued its weekly inflation figures.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, inflation increased to 1.23 percent in a week, the overall inflation rate reached 14.31 percent, inflation for low-income workers increased to 15.01 percent, and prices of 25 essential commodities increased in a week, with four of them increasing four times. Prices of goods fell and stayed constant at Rs.

In a week, prices of 25 essential items increased while prices of 4 items declined in a week and prices of 22 items remained stable.

According to the statistics agency, the price of a domestic LPG cylinder has gone up by Rs 90.31 paisa a week to Rs 2,411.77.

In addition, an increase of 19 paisa per unit in the price of electricity has been recorded. According to the statistics agency, tomatoes became more expensive by Rs 10, 71 paisa, eggs by Rs 5, 28 paisa per dozen, price by Rs 175, 78 paisa per dozen.

The price of sugar rose by Rs 3.77 per kg to Rs 104.52 per kg.

According to statistics, the price of 5 liters of branded cooking oil has gone up by Rs 19.30 paisa and has crossed Rs 1,800.  While the price of 2.5 kg of branded ghee also increased by Rs.Gar, dal mash, basmati rice, dal masur have also become expensive including live chicken However, in a week, bananas, lentils, onions and garlic have become cheaper.

Earlier, the Federal Bureau of Statistics had released a report stating that from October 2018 to October 2021, electricity prices increased by 57% Similarly, the price of 11.67 kg cylinder of LPG increased by 51% from Rs. 1,536 to Rs. 2,322. The price of petrol increased by 49% in three years and per liter of petrol. The price has gone up from Rs 93.80 to Rs 138.73.

According to the report, the biggest increase in the prices of food items was in the prices of edible ghee and oil. The price of ghee rose by 108 per cent to Rs 356 per kg, while a five-liter can of edible oil rose by 87.60 per cent to Rs 1,783.

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