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Pakistan to Begin Registration of Afghan Refugees

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The Minister for States and Frontier Regions of Pakistan, Talha Mahmood, announced a registration drive for unregistered Afghan refugees in the country.

According to Pakistani media reports, the minister said the move will ensure the compilation of complete data of registered and unregistered Afghan refugees as well as those who have gone back to Afghanistan.

Earlier, reports were published about the mistreatment of Afghan refugees by Pakistani forces.

“All Afghans should be registered in the process which is going on in Pakistan because they are engaged in business at the border. They study here and go from one location to another,” said Awal Khna Miakhail, a member of the Afghan refugee council in Pakistan.

Afghan diplomats and refugees based in Pakistan welcomed the decision of the country’s government.

“The Pakistani officials said that there are Afghans without legal documents and that they should be provided with cards. The Afghan commissioner also mentioned these issues to us. If these actions are taken, this will bring facilitate things for the Afghans,” said Abdul Jabar Takhari, an Afghan consultant in Pakistan.

The Afghan refugees in Pakistan called on the country’s government to accelerate the process of registration.

“This is good news for all Afghans because hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in Pakistan live there and are facing severe problems,” said Nazar Khogianiwal, an Afghan refugee.

“As many Afghan refugees have arrived here, their enrollment for cards should be on time, said an Afghan refugee.