Pakistan to prepare single-dose coronavirus vaccine locally

Lahore, 28th April: Pakistan will start making its own coronavirus vaccine locally from next month.

According to reports, the Chinese vaccine made by CanSino Biologics will now be prepared locally in Pakistan from the beginning of May.

Sources from the National Institute of Health (NIH) disclosed that the single-dose CanSino vaccine will be made at the NIH which will be made available for use by the end of May this year.

The Chinese company will provide the raw material for the preparation of the vaccine, which is due to arrive in the next few days.

Sources have also informed that special equipment and a professional team of CanSino Bio to train Pakistani manpower have reached the country.

Sources further informed that the first batch of coronavirus vaccine will be prepared in the presence of a Chinese expert.

As per reports, Pakistan will prepare 20 million doses of the CanSino vaccine, the raw material of which has been provided by the Chinese firm in bulk.

However, a limited number of doses will be prepared initially.

Earlier, Baaghi TV had reported that Pakistan will import the Chinese CanSino vaccine in bulk and package the doses locally, for which special equipment has been procured and manpower is being trained.

So far, four vaccines have been approved by DRAP in Pakistan to administer which include Chinese Sinopharm and CanSino, Russian Sputnik V Oxford University’s Astra-Zeneca.

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