Pakistan to Present Seven Resolutions in the UNGA

UNGA adopts Pakistan sponsored resolution

Pakistan will present seven resolutions in the committee meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA); diplomats of Pakistan are working hard to get all the resolutions approved.

According to details, discussions have started at the level of committees in the UN General Assembly. Sources said that the meetings of all the six committees in the UN General Assembly will continue for the next three months. Pakistan has played its complete role in the six committees of UNGA, and it will continue to strive for the acceptance of the resolutions.

Sources stated:

“Pakistan would table seven resolutions in six committees of the General Assembly, including a resolution on effective global measures against the use or threat of non-nuclear weapons and a resolution on Pakistan’s regional disarmament.”

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Additionally, it has also been put to light that Pakistan will table a resolution on confidence-building measures in the regional and sub-regional context and a resolution on the limitation of conventional weapons in the regional and sub-regional context. Along with a resolution on financial assistance for development, a resolution on the “right to self-determination” in the context of the Kashmir issue, and a resolution on the prevention of Islamophobia.

Sources said that Pakistani diplomats are working hard to get all the resolutions passed. Also, it should be taken into account that the past few speeches delivered by the diplomats of Pakistan at UNGA have been greatly appreciated by many ally countries.

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