Pakistani actor speaks up for girls’ education

Pakistan (10th Mar, 2020): Pakistani actor and producer, Humayun Saeed, comes out in support of educating young Pakistani girls. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the actor comes out in support of young girls deprived of education. Saeed states, that girls should rightfully receive at least twelve years of education. The actor has urged parents to send their daughters to school and to not deprive them of this God-given right.

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The leading actor has shared a video on his official Instagram account where he has raised the issue of a fundamental right of girls. He has stated that there are almost 20 million children in Pakistan who are still deprived of their right to education, which is a blessing. He further added that almost one lac thirty thousand [13,000,000] of those deprived children are in fact, girls.

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The Merey Pass Tum Ho star argued that the government agencies and other political representatives of state can work to ensure the future of our young girls, by ensuring that every daughter of Pakistan is provided the with her “fundamental” right to primary and secondary school education. He added that the parents should send their daughters to school so they do not feel left out.

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According to reports of Baaghi TV, the actor said that education till at least class 12, that is, intermediate level, should be made mandatory for young Pakistani girls as it is their right which should be given to them.

Moreover, the actors urged his fans to share the important message by the Pakistan Youth and Community Association (PYCA) so that it reaches maximum people.

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The actor ended his video message by reiterating that almost 13 million girls are deprived of education and that our society must come together to ensure that they be provided with their right to education by making education up to intermediate level mandatory for all.

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The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor reportedly used #کم_سے_کم_١٢_جماعتیں‬⁩ [#AtleastTwelveClasses] to promote the message.

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