Pakistani analyst offers help to India: Letter Inside

Lahore, 30th April: A Pakistani analyst from Islamabad wrote a letter to the Indian people to express sympathy for the loss of human lives from the coronavirus pandemic.

Sabbah Uddin, a Pakistani analyst based in Islamabad, wrote an open letter to the Indian people in the wake of the recent coronavirus epidemic.

The letter also expressed condolences on behalf of Pakistani citizens while expressing sorrow over the loss of human lives due to COVID-19.

He also offered all kinds of help from ordinary Pakistani citizens, citing help from the Pakistani government.

The letter referred to the holy books of Hinduism and requested peace and brotherhood.

The Pakistani analyst has strongly criticized the Indian media for spreading hatred and lamented the hostility towards Pakistan.

At the same time, the media pointed out the plight of Indian Muslims. The Pakistani citizen urged the Indian people to increase pressure on the Delhi government to abandon its anti-Pakistan policy.

The analyst, while writing on terrorism by the Indian government in Pakistan, also mentioned the anti-Pakistan covert operation in Afghanistan and Kalbushan Yadav.

He also advised the Indian people to recognize Pakistan as a reality.

Pointing to the teachings of Hinduism, the Pakistani analyst clarified that the consequences of human rights violations and government repression in occupied Kashmir would be naturally horrific.

The letter also called on the Indian people to play an active role in reversing the anti-Pakistan policies of the Delhi government and the Indian Army.

The author of the letter, Sabbah Uddin, is the author of several books and is associated with several civil society organizations.

It should be noted that in India, COVID-19 has caused panic and distressed as people have begun to die on the streets, no one is safe, hospitals are full and there is a severe lack of oxygen.

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