Pakistani Doctors Visiting Kabul Offer Free Eye Care

Afghanistan: A team of twelve Pakistani doctors has come to Kabul to treat eye patients.

Officials of Noor hospital said that 500 patients will be treated in the four days of free treatment.

“There are 12 doctors, all of them are professionals, they will do 500 eye operations for free in four days, and most of these operations will be PICO operations,” said Doctor Zaher Gul Zadran, head of Noor Hospital. referring to a treatment often used for cataracts.

Patients who came to the hospital welcomed the four days of free treatment.

“Most people are deprived of sight because of poverty, and they are here for treatment,” said Qodos Khan, a resident of Khost.

We are so happy for the hospital and for these Pakistani doctors,” said Pashtun, a resident of Kabul.

Pakistani doctors say that in addition to performing operations they will collaborate with Afghan doctors and offer education.

“We expect doctors to learn really quickly, and it will be soon that doctors will be able to do these operations alone,” said Naser Ahmad, a Pakistani doctor.

Afghan ophthalmologists say that most people lose their eyesight with advanced age and some because of physical injuries.