Pakistani Mangoes have big demand, economic future : Waheed Ahmad

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP):Pakistan has set new record by exporting more than 100,000 tons of mangoes this season with increasing world demand and yielded good results after breaking all previous eight years’ records of its exports.

Chief of Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association, Waheed Ahmed while talking to private news channel said, as compared to export volume of Mango with last years, the current season has witnessed an ever highest export volume.

He said today, Pakistan was full of hope and confidence that in coming years they would get more export volumes as government providing new harvesting techniques in this filed to meet the international standards.

He said Pakistani exports have shown a boost this year, apparently due to plunge in the rupee and better export policy initiatives by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.
He said devaluation of Pakistani currency gave a great benefit to Mango exporters.

Mango export from Pakistan could benefit the economy and the farmers as well, he said adding, our Mangoes are craved by the world and appreciated globally.

He said ambassadors also played a pivotal role in promotion of Pakistani mangoes in other country’s markets and if promotion continued they would get more positive and fruitful results in future.
Mango could change the agriculture scenario of Pakistan in coming future, he mentioned.

Our fruits are in-demand and its high time that they should shift their focus to the agriculture and facilitate the farmers as the incumbent government were doing its best possible efforts as per its commitments, he added.
He said gulf countries, United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arab and European countries were major buyers of Pakistani mangoes this year.

He further informed that they were attaining positive export target with political stability and good law and order situation in the country while cooperation and support from Airlines, shipping companies, customs and the department of plant protection (DPP).

Pakistani mango were considered as one of the most liked mangoes all around the world. And its export had reached to more than 50 countries.

Waheed told that this year China, USA, and South Korea were also most focused countries for PFVA.
He said the new government has applied new technology so that the production of the mangoes were kept at high level even in unforeseen weather conditions.

Owing to Pakistan’s superb taste Mango he said it has gained popularity due to its exceptional sweet taste.

It is the best variety of mango in terms of sweetness and flavor that distinguishes it from all the other mangoes, he remarked.

Its peak season started from the mid of July and ended in August but it would continue till the mid of October this year, he added.

The number of such farms would be increased as more growers had started complying with the quality of standards in cultivating, harvesting and marketing practices so that they could earn high-price of their Mango crops, he assured.

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