Pakistani soldier martyred in Congo honored by UN

A Pakistani soldier who was martyred in Congo, as a part of UN Peace Keeping Mission,  has been awarded by UN. Pakistan’s permanent envoy to UN Maleeha Lodhi received the award on his behalf.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, a Pakistani soldier Naik Muhammad Raza was martyred last January in DRC. Armed militants attacked envoy of UNPK forces in the southern province Kivu of DRC in which Naik Naeem Raza was martyred and Sepoy Bilal was injured. Pak Army soldiers responded befittingly to that attack. United Nations has announced an award for the martyred soldier which was received by Maleeha Lodhi. Secretary General of United Nations gave the award in a ceremony held on the International day of Peace keeping. Pakistan envoy to UN , Maleeha Lodhi said on the occasion that the award is the acceptance of sacrifices rendered by Pakistanis for the peace. Pakistani soldiers deployed in the International Peace Keeping missions has earned a good repute to the country and Pakistan remained the top contributor to the UN Peace Keeping forces.

DRC is an African country which gained independence from France in 1960. It’s capital is Kinshasa. UN has deployed peace keeping forces in the country. UNSC has unanimously approved the extension in stay of UN Peace Keeping Missions by 9 months till 20 December, 2019. According to UN Resolution 2463,  the deployment of armed forces, police , staff members is allowed in the disputed region.

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