Pakistani students develop world’s cheapest digital stick for the blind

April 22, 2021: Lyari University’s Department of Information Technology students have introduced the world’s cheapest digital stick for the blind.

BaaghiTV: According to media reports, a team of students of Lyari University under the supervision of their supervisor Dr. Shafiq Awan has developed a modern stick at a cost of only Rs. 3,000 which is connected to a mobile application. This application informs the blind people about the obstacles in the way of English, Sindhi and Punjabi besides Urdu through voice and any other language can be added. Visually impaired people can inform their family or friends about their location with the click of a magic wand.

The team of youngsters who made this stick includes Shehzad Ghulam Mustafa, Shehzad Munir and Mohammad Hamza Ali who belong to middle class families and they have made this stick as the final project of their BSIT. The mobile application is also self-developed.

If this project is sponsored at the government level, these sticks can be made for only one thousand rupees. Shehzad Ghulam Mustafa said that during the Karuna epidemic where educational institutions were closed, under the supervision of our supervisor Dr. Shafiq Awan, we developed this application and stick in a period of three months which consists of four modern ultrasonic sensors. Can be used for up to one week after recharging.

Shehzad Ghulam Mustafa said that they want to develop the stock on a commercial basis but financial resources are running out. If the project is sponsored at the government level and help is provided in the import of components, it will help the visually impaired. They can make these sticks for only one thousand rupees, they can export these sticks and make Pakistan famous in the world.

He said that they are upgrading the stick to further enhance its usefulness. Soon a camera will be installed in the stick which will use artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) technique to help the visually impaired. They will identify the objects or people around them and inform that a truck, car, bicycle or any person is coming from the front. Similarly, guidance will be provided to reach the desired place through Google Map.

Hezad Ghulam Mustafa said that the next version will consist of a modern lens in which cameras and sensors will be installed. To upgrade this magic wand, ultrasonic sensors will be replaced by modern laser sensors with higher range and accuracy.

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