Pakistani woman, daughter repatriated after spending four years in Indian jail

Mar 27, 2022: Pakistani woman Sumaira Abdul Rehman along with her four-year-old daughter Sana Fatima has returned to her home country after spending four years in a prison in Bangalore, India.

Indian authorities handed over Sumaira and her daughter to Pakistani authorities at the Wagah border on Saturday. Pakistan High Commission officials accompanied by Sumaira went to Wagah border from Bangalore. It will take her four more days to meet all the legal requirements and complete the immigration process.

Senator Irfan Siddique raised the issue of Sumaira Rehman in the Senate after the Home Ministry refused to issue her citizenship certificate at the request of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

Sumaira Rehman was settled in Qatar in 2017 when she married an Indian, Muhammad Shahab, against the consent of her parents. Shahab took her to India where the couple settled. After her visa expired, she was sent to jail along with her husband. Later, Indian authorities released her husband but kept her in jail, where she gave birth to a baby girl.

Sumaira Rehman spent four years in Indian jail and paid one million in Indian rupees to the Indian government as a fine, which she collected from donations. Later, Indian authorities put her in a custodial centre.

An Indian human rights lawyer, Sohana Baswapatna, took up her case and fought for her release from the custodial center.

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