Pakistanis in New Jersey hold 72th anniversary Independence Day Parade

NEW YORK, Aug 20 (APP):Hundreds of Pakistani-Americans gathered in Edison in the neighbouring US state of New Jersey on Sunday for the Pakistan Independence Day Parade marking 72nd anniversary of the establishment of their homeland.

Men, women and children — mostly clad in national dresses — chanted slogans in support of Kashmiri people’s struggle for freedom from India’s yoke and an end to their sufferings. They also raised vociferous slogans of “Pakistan Zinda Bad” and “Quaid-e-Azam Zinda Bad” slogans.
“Pakistani pride was displayed on Oak Tree Road as the annual Pakistan Day Parade wound its way from Iselin to Edison on Sunday,” a local newspaper reported.
Pakistani and American flags dominated the parade floats and cars, it said.
“We had 10 floats, 50 cars and two bands in the parade,” Hafiz Saleem of the Parade Board of Directors, was quoted as saying.”About 3,000 people in the parade,” Saleem added.
Participants riding on floats waved flags and danced to the music. Cars in the parade were also covered in flags.
Spectators waved from the sidewalks and from inside stores that lined the route.

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