Pakistan Indus Water Commissioner Receives ‘Water Data’ from Indian Authorities

Lahore (20th Aug, 2019): India provides water data to Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner. 

According to Baaghi TV reports, the Indian authorities have reportedly provided Pakistan Indus Water Commissioner with water data during times of a possible flood situation in Pakistan. Reportedly, the neighboring states had made talks of sharing water data after which, India has released the data to Pakistan.

According to sources, data provided by India shows that it has released nearly 24,000 cusecs of water in Pakistan’s river Sutlej. Sources further confirm that it is binding on India’s part as per the Indus Water Treaty, to inform Pakistan before it releases water into Pakistani rivers. So far, India has diverted ‘big water flows’ towards Pakistan which are believed to be a major cause for danger of floods.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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