Pakistan’s role in the context of the Indian Ocean’s geographical and political landscape and the Aman 21 exercise


The biennial naval exercise, held every two years since 2007 to seek peace under the green crescent flag, is a significant step towards international co-operation and common interests for peace in the region.

This is a step taken by Pakistan for the sake of peace, which will make the seas safe from any kind of dangers and safe for uninterrupted international traffic. The exercise would provide the global navy with opportunities to effectively provide security, professionalism, maneuverability, combat traditional and non-conventional security threats at sea against criminal activity, and exchange views.

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The word security is the most widely used word in the world for various demands and perspectives. The concept of security for states becomes extremely complex due to the four territorial boundaries. However, the concept of security is generally debated in the light of broad ground realities. States take measures such as joint cooperation to ensure their security. Even joint military exercises are designed with the mutual understanding of the states to achieve a number of purposes. Sometimes such arrangements and exercises are seen by regional and non-regional states as a threat to their security. This perception of danger also creates uncertainty in the geo-political environment and states become embroiled in disputes and conflicts due to internal insecurity.

Maritime protection is a combination of multifaceted goals that pose endless threats and concerns. In general, different states prioritize their defense needs and priorities in pursuit of national security goals and constantly implement measures to improve them in order to protect them from internal and external threats to a greater extent. Joint maritime exercises are also a link in the same chain. In this way, the perception or message of threat can be effectively conveyed to other powers, resulting in changes in the geographical and political situation. An example of this is the 2007 conflict between the United States, Japan, India and Australia. The failure of the four-way security talks to take place was due to the intervention of China and its allies in the immediate aftermath of the second naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal. It was described by China and its allies as China’s Asia-Pacific strategy and its dominance in the region, which has long ensured the achievement of its goals.

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The Indian Ocean region has been important since ancient times due to its trade, expeditions and waterways. Favorable weather, hot and humid climate, availability of slaves, abundant resources and other regional factors made the region more attractive, due to which the interest of the great powers and empires of the time in the region made it a desirable target. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world, bounded on three sides by the land borders of Australia, Asia and Africa, and on the fourth by the Arctic Ocean. Pakistan is strategically located in the western Indian Ocean, at the threshold of two major tributaries, Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb.

From the beginning of the new century, Pakistan’s geographical importance in the region has increased. After 9/11, a number of events took place which played an important role in shifting the national interests of different countries from land to sea and thus a new alliance emerged between the allies and rivals. Since the world began to think beyond its own views on certain issues, their perspectives began to change rapidly. This is a region in which multinational powers are active with their military and naval arrangements, such as the US presence in Diego Garcia, from where they trade and communicate in the region, and the People’s Liberation Army, Navy in the Eastern Indian Ocean. While the US presence in Bahrain monitors activities in the West Indies. Similar activities and tactics created new patterns of domination over the waters of the Indian Ocean.

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According to him, the US Indo-Pacific strategy encompasses both the seas from the eastern Pacific to the western Indian Ocean. Indian maritime constructions in the form of projects such as Sagarmala and India’s strategy for the Indian Ocean, covering the region from the western Pacific to the western Indian Ocean. China’s view of the two seas justifies its expansion into the Pacific and other seas across the Indian Ocean. Its most important is the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) project, which involves aligning its vision with several states through infrastructure development, economic and energy ties, and other assistance. In September 2019, Germany, the President of the European Union and Europe’s largest economy, outlined its strategy in the Indian Ocean with China’s clear leanings towards India. This is being interpreted as Berlin’s access to the Indian Pacific and could further complicate the current geographical and political situation.

In such an environment, there is an urgent need for activities that can promote lasting peace, not only in the region but also globally, while promoting harmony, trust and prosperity among states. The conduct of Naval Exercise Peace 21 by the Pakistan Navy is a continuation of this series. The security mechanism under which it is being provided is a co-operative security that will be instrumental in international peace. In this exercise, more than 40 countries will demonstrate capabilities such as anti-piracy operations, counter-terrorism exercises, professionalism, mine clearance, information exchange and other related conventional and non-conventional maritime threats.

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The participation of a large number of countries to participate in this exercise, and in particular the Russian representation, has further clarified the nature of mutual cooperation in the field of security. This is the first time that, despite a conflict of interest, Russia is participating in an exercise under the Pakistani flag with NATO countries to ensure security, peace and harmony in the West Indies which reflects unparalleled feats. The exercise demonstrates a strong commitment to enhance the capabilities of the United Nations globally, to ensure security in Pakistan’s maritime areas and to promote a peaceful and stable maritime environment. Pakistan is conducting the naval exercise in a highly organized manner which is an effective step in building trust in the region. Such measures also provide opportunities for states to demonstrate their capabilities to the required level by agreeing on a point of view and to benefit from shared confidence building.

Pakistan has repeatedly demonstrated its full professionalism by leading campaigns such as Task Force 150, Task Force 151 and other regional maritime security patrols, which demonstrates the region’s strategy for dealing with the problems facing the region and the excellent performance of the Pakistan Navy. Is. The best strategy in maritime jurisdiction is helping to expand Pakistan’s foreign policy. Pakistan, as a stronghold of the Nation of Islam and a champion of the peace exercise 21, is keen on international peace and mutual unity.

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