Palpa sent a show cause notice to the PIA pilot


 Pakistan Pilot Association sent show cause notice to Captain Adnan Zarez. The agency claimed that Captain Adnan Zarez had violated the rules and regulations and had misguided other staff and incited them to revolt. Therefore, Captain Adnan is being removed from the post for violating the rules and regulations.

It is to be noted that Captain Adnan had said in a video message against PIA that he was fired from PIA but he was not given dues. Which is why his condition is not good. And he is going through a difficult financial situation.

In this regard, Capt. Adnan Zarez, who has been with the PIA for 18 years, said that he had opted PIA’s voluntary withdrawal scheme in December 2020, according to which they had paid all the dues to us by January 20. But we still have not received any dues.

“I was accompanied by 20 other captains. Two of them have died and they have died due to the conditions we have been facing,” said Captain Adnan. At the same time, the houses of these two captains have been ruined. Adnan says that the officials of the institution do not know the condition of their children.

Captain Adnan said that we have been put in a condition where we can not even get our treatment. I have been suffering from high fever for the last few days but I do not have enough money to get my treatment.

In these circumstances, the concerned agencies should take pity on us and pay our dues so that we can at least get our treatment.

The captain made a heartfelt appeal to the authorities to have mercy on them and to give them the rights they deserve so that they can have food on their tables for the next few days atleast.

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