Parts of Northeast China hit by record snowfall

Nov 11, 2021: Record snowfall in northeastern China has paralyzed life.

According to a report by news agency “Reuters”, blizzards have wreaked havoc in northeastern China this week, with record snowfall in Liaoning province severely disrupting traffic, with most expressway toll stations on Tuesday closed except for the cities of Dalian and Dandong. Train services have been disrupted and concerns are being raised about the power supply as temperatures drop, state media reported on Wednesday.

Liaoning Province has received the heaviest snowfall to date. Traffic has been disrupted in many areas, while train services have been affected. Temperatures dropped to 14 degrees Celsius. Red blizzard alerts have been issued for Jilin and Liaoning provinces.

According to the Meteorological Department, a maximum of 21 inches of snow has been recorded in Liaoning and the temperature has dropped to 14 degrees in many areas.

The current snowfall in western Liaoning was the heaviest since record began in 1951, said Zhou Chenxiao, chief forecaster at the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Observatory, according to the official China News Weekly on Wednesday.

Citing the China Meteorological Association, the report further said that the maximum snow depth recorded in Liaoning city Anshan on Tuesday was 53 cm (21 inches). Authorities in the northeastern region are working to increase energy production capacity and coal imports to prevent severe cold. Authorities in snow-hit areas have urged markets and grocery stores to increase their supply and to reduce the prices of vegetables.

A few days ago, the first snowfall of the winter in the Chinese capital, Beijing, turned white everywhere.

China’s State Grid Corporation warned on Sunday that there is a “tight balance” between winter demand and supply of electricity due to the closure of power plants. In snow-stricken Shenyang, authorities have urged markets and grocery stores to reduce the prices of some vegetables while increasing their supply.

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