PCB awards two-month contracts to regional curators and groundsmen

LAHORE, Sep 20 (APP):The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) here on Friday announced it would offer two-month contracts to the 243 curators and groundsmen, who were employed by the 16 Regional Cricket Associations (RCAs), which have now been replaced by six cricket associations under the new PCB Constitution 2019.

The new contracts will commence from the notification of the new PCB Constitution, said a spokesman of the PCB.

” During this period, the PCB Domestic Cricket Department will evaluate the venue requirements and assess high-performing curators before deciding next steps”, he said adding “In addition to this, the PCB has taken steps to urgently transfer any outstanding payments of the ground staff that may have accrued till August 19”.

He said to ease the transition, the PCB is offering curators and groundsmen two-month contracts. In the meantime, we will evaluate which and how many grounds require further support. Groundsmen are encouraged to approach the PCB to seek further details.

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