PCB Asks Registered Cricketers Not to Participate in Unapproved Tournaments

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) asked registered players not to participate in tournaments, organized by the defunct Regional Cricket Associations (RCAs) and District/Zonal Cricket Associations.

“The new PCB Constitution, which came into effective from August 19, replaces the former Regional Cricket Associations and District/Zonal Cricket Associations with Cricket Associations and City Cricket Associations respectively. “Therefore, any subsequent tournament(s) organized by the defunct RCAs or DCAs/Zones or any of their former office bearers falls strictly under the ambit of ‘disapproved cricket’,” a PCB press release said.

The board said applications for organizing private tournaments could be made under “PCB rules for private cricket events”, available on its official website. “All registered cricketers are advised to refrain from taking part in such tournaments, which are not recognized and approved by the PCB.

Appropriate action may be initiated against registered cricketers who continue to participate in disapproved cricket,” the PCB press release added.

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