PCB seeks permission from Bangladesh cricket authorities to hoist flag during team practice

Nov 18, 2021: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has asked the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) if it can fly the Pakistani flag during its practice session in Dhaka.

The request for permission from the Cricket Board comes amid a heated debate in Bangladesh over whether to allow the hoisting of the Pakistani flag in a country that has historically had bitter relations with Pakistan since its secession.

Critics say waving the Pakistani flag during the exercise could mean a “political message.”

According to media reports, a PCB spokesperson said that it was normal to display flags of both the countries during the sessions and hoped that this would not raise eyebrows. However, he said formal permission had been sought from the Bangladeshi authorities.

According to media reports, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has not yet expressed any resentment or protest over the practice sessions. If the BCB refuses permission, Pakistani cricket officials will reconsider the decision and inform the team management.

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