PCB uploads video of the National Cricket Team

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has released a video in which all the players have revealed the secrets behind their shirt numbers.

Captain Babar Azam stated:

“My number is 56, everyone knows and there is no such secret in it. They [the people] like it now. The number was not so important to me before but now it has become a part of my cricket journey. I try to maintain the value of this number and I am proud of this number.”

According to wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan, his shirt is number 16 because he scored 16 runs in his first innings with leather ball. He says it is his lucky number. The number six also appears in the birthday dates of his two daughters.

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In the video by PCB, Shaheen Shah Afridi said that earlier his shirt number was 40 but he wanted to take number 10 shirt because this was the number of Shahid Afridi’s shirt and after seeing him he started cricket. He is his favorite player. He had also applied for the number from the PCB in 2018 but Lala did not retire from cricket at that time. However, he was later allowed by Shahid Afridi for which he is grateful.

He said:

“When I am on the ground wearing a shirt with this number, I feel proud because this number was worn by Lala.”

Shadab Khan said that first his number was 29 then he selected number 7 because he liked number 7 from the beginning. According to Shoaib Malik, his shirt number is 18, he got the same number from the beginning, something else in between. I got the number but now his shirt number is 18 and there is no special story behind it.

Asif Ali said that his shirt number is 45 which has no story behind it, it was given by PCB and now it has become a relationship. I must write 45 behind the autograph.

Fast bowler Harris Rauf said that the PCB has given him 97 marks but he had applied for 150 marks as he tries to get the ball at a speed of 150 kmph.

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