PCB warned to PSL franchises,Draft for PSL 5 is in danger

The differences between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises continue to foster, which is leading to concerns ahead the next edition of the of the league.


According to details, the PCB officials have yet to address the reservations of the HBL PSL owners despite promises.

The issues have created an air of distrust between the PCB and frenchies owners . The matter which should have been resolved through diplomacy has now worsened due to a hard stance from the PCB. The PCB is sending constant letters to the HBL PSL franchises to deposit bank guarantees; however, no franchise has completed the task so far.

The PSL franchises are demanding their due share, from the fourth edition of the pakistan Supper league. More than six months have passed, yet the financial report of the HBL PSL 4 has not been finalised. Lawfully the franchises should have received their shares by now.

The seriousness of the matter can be understand through the emails sent by the PCB to the franchise owners. The officials stated that the franchises inability in depositing the bank guarantees would have serious implications on the draft process.

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