Peer Tehleel, Rakshit Tandon organized ‘Cybercrime, Digital Safety’ awareness talk show

As part of the Cyber Awareness campaign Security Researcher Peer Tehleel Manzoor has started Cyber Talk show with Raskhit Tandon Director/founder Hackershala, Head capacity – CyberPeace foundation to raise awareness about cyber safety in society in which the youth can be educated on various topics related to cybercrime and digital safety.

This Cyber Talk show by Peer Tehleel Manzoor and Rakshit Tandon focuses on cyber values for children, parents and youth by spreading awareness on digital safety, juvenile law, digital parenting, awareness on cybercrime, privacy on social media,

Rakshit Tandon explained to the audience the variety of crimes that occur on their various social media platforms. Students, teachers and parents were all ears to a discussion pertinent to the present times. He warned the children and their parents about cyberbullying, body shaming and the constant usage of bad language on the internet.

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The cyber expert informed students about the serious consequences of cyber-crime, cyber-bullying and hacking also about being alert and not falling for people who try to be overly friendly on social media. He also informed them about various apps that are in use these days.

Furthermore, he talked about sexual harassment of children and advised them to be careful while sharing or tagging pictures or videos with others. He spoke extensively about adopting security measures like using two-factor verification, not giving access to the camera and mike to apps unless necessary, not giving phone number or bank details to unknown websites and keeping SIM cards safe.

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He also extolled the necessity of installing a strong anti-virus system on our devices and creating strong passwords.

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