Pesco conducts night time operations in Mardan Circle


PESHAWAR, Oct 08 (APP):Following directives issued by Chief Executive, Pesco, drive against power pilferage and recovery of dues has been geared up throughout the province, said a Pesco press release on Tuesday.

It said task forces of Pesco Mardan Circle carried out night time raids in the areas of Ghari Kapora, Shiekh Maltoon,Takhtbai & Gojar Ghari Sub Divisions.

The Pesco task forces of Ghari Kapora sub division checked areas of 11 KV Bala Ghari and removed 8 direct hooks and replaced five tampered meter besides shifting 54 meters to poles.
In areas of Toru Sub Division, 11 KV Rural-1 Feeder, 8 tampered meters were detected and replaced while 21 direct hooks were also removed.

In areas of Takhtbai Sub Division of 11 KV Takhtbai feeder, five tampered meters were detected and 19 direct hooks were removed. While in the areas of Par Hoti Sub Division of 11 KV Pohan Feeder, Pesco teams during checking removed 4 direct hooks and 4 tempered meters.

Pesco said drive against illegal consumption of electricity and direct hooks will continue till achieving the desired objectives.

Pesco warned consumers to avoid power pilferage which causes huge financial & line losses to the company. The practice also disturbs the whole distribution system and general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.

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