PFUJ warns Shehbaz Gill on use of strong language

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist (PFUJ) warns of serious consequences of use of abusive and intimidating language against Asma Sherazi by Shehbaz Gill.

PFUJ has once again taken serious notice of intimidating, threatening and abusive language against Senior Journalist anchor Asma Sherazi by special assistant and spokesperson of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Gill, who in a press conference at PID Islamabad, has leveled unfounded, uncalled-for and unethical allegations against female journalist.

In a joint statement President PFUJ Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi, while warning of serious consequences of tirade against Senior Female Journalist Asma Sherazi said that such an behavior of official spokesperson of the Prime Minister, reflects the training and mental capacity of a cabinet member who is suppose to improve media government relations instead of widening gulf between them. “Hurling threats, using abusive and uncalled-for language and igniting religious sentiments against journalist and that too against female will not improve the performance of the government” they reminded.

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PFUJ leadership while extending its fullest support to Asma Sherazi, said that she in her piece in “BBC Urdu” have not mentioned any name, rather she warns of “worsening economic crisis, price hike and peoples difficulties in meeting expense of life” they said.

Both the leaders said:

“It is matter of serious concern that Mr. Shehbaz Gill is in habit of maligning journalists in controversies, dictating media personalities of content, and passing on serious threats in Press Conferences, Talk Shows and indulge in online attacks and trolling which seems the official policy of PTI government.”

They raised a question that when Asma Sherazi has not mentioned the name of first lady then “why official spokesperson of the Prime Minister is repeatedly mentioning her name online and held a press conference on a nonexistent issue?”

They urged the Prime Minister of Pakistan to investigate the conduct of Mr. Shehbaz Gill and some other leaders who are unwontedly bringing the name of first lady which is giving the impression of some hidden agenda and ulterior motives of these elements in federal cabinet and “we will not allow such an acts against journalist community particularly against female journalist and media workers.”

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