PGGA celebrates World Thinking Day virtually

PGGA celebrates World Thinking Day virtually #Baaghi

Feb 22, 2022: The World Thinking Day was celebrated by the PGGA in a virtual gathering.

World Thinking Day, 22nd February, is celebrated by all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts – WAGGGS) around the world in 150 countries with 10 million members.  On this day, the WAGGS renews the Guide Promise they made when they were first enrolled as Girl Guides/Girl Scouts.  They send greetings to Guiding friends overseas. For over 50 years World Thinking Day has also been a fundraising event for WAGGGS.

A special message was conveyed by Mrs Maria Maud Sabri, National Commissioner Pakistan Girl Guides Association to the guides on this World Thinking Day.

She welcomed the junior and senior girl guides on the occasion of the World Thinking Day, and opened her address by highlighting the importance of the relationship between humans and the environment around them. She stressed the importance of a healthy environment by mentioning how the air we breathe and the water we drink keep us alive.

Expanding on the importance of planting trees, she said they are an anchor in the earth and not only provide sustenance for us, but also clean the air by sucking in carbon dioxide and prevent flooding. She said human development and protecting the environment go hand in hand.

She highlighted the role played by the Girl Guides in preserving and environment and interacting positively with mother nature. She said the focus of this year’s World Thinking Day was healthy lives and the environment, particularly the impact the environment has on the lives of women. She said the PGGA will strive to make sure the guides undersstand this vital relationship.

She urged the young guides to understand the important link between a healthy life for them and the environment they live in. She also said every human being regardless of age had a role to play. She urged the guides to think about the importance of taking steps to preserve the environment and proactively protecting the earth.

She summed up saying that without the protection of environment, there can be no healthy living. She said that as guides, who promise to work positively for the country and expend their energies for the benefit of the world at large, it is even more important to reflect about this theme on the World Thinking Day.

She expressed the hope that all the guides would in future spare special attention for the environment.

150 Junior Guides from all regions of Pakistan learned a lot about protecting the environment and the effects of climate change by participating virtually in the World Thinking Day #WTD2022 celebrations organized by PGGA National Headquarters. Virtual Celebrations of World Thinking Day for Girl Guides (focusing on environment protection and effects of climate change) by PGGA National Headquarters. 200 Girls from all over the country participated.
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