PIA aircraft manages safe landing amidst snowstorm

Lahore/Toronto: According to reports, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft managed to make a safe landing after it encountered a blizzard in Toronto, Canada. 

A PIA spokesman said the captain landed the plane safely at Toronto Airport. The Boeing 777 was approaching Toronto Airport when it began to snow. After this, the PIA captain controlled the plane and landed safely.

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Through emergency-based machinery, snow removal work began, following which flight PK797 arrived in Toronto from Lahore.

According to a PIA spokesperson, PIA CEO Arshad Malik praised the captain and the flight crew. CEO Arshad Malik also thanked the Toronto Airport management.

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On the other hand, on the issue of PIA’s air operations in the United States, United Kingdom, and European countries, Pakistani ambassadors stationed abroad were given the task to resume operations. According to a private TV channel, Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany, Dr. Faisal, has been instructed to expedite liaison with the European Union for PIA’s air operations in European countries. The Pakistani Ambassador to Germany will meet with EU officials regarding the resumption of PIA flights.

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