PIA aircraft narrowly escapes accident in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD (18th June 2022): Another flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), narrowly escaped a crash, according to Baaghi TV’s report.

The PIA flight from Saudi Arabi’s city of Dammam to the federal capital Islamabad has narrowly escaped a crash. It has been reported that when PIA’s Boeing 777 started its landing, the front wheel was affected however, the Captian managed to control the aircraft and make a safe landing. 

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It should be noted that the flight had nearly two hundred passengers on board from Saudi Arabia to Islamabad. 

A spokesperson for PIA has said that the nose wheel burst due to the high-speed temperature. It was further added that the incident took place a few days prior but a thorough investigation into the matter has been made. 

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It is pertinent to note that a similar incident took place on June 7 when the tire of a flight from Gwadar to Karachi, exploded. The plane had landed at Jinnah Terminal with sixty passengers on board. The wreckage of the ATR plane was allegedly found on the runway at Gwadar Airport.

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