PIA Boeing 777 Runway Incursion in Toronto [Full Pilot, ATC Conversation]

The Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) of Canada released a report on the incident of runway incursion by a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777-200 aircraft, flight PK-782, which was about to take off from Toronto to Islamabad.

According to the CADORS report, the PIA aircraft registration AP-BGY, taxiing for departure entered taxiway Q without clearance and taxied past the hold short line onto the protected area of active Runway 23 at Toronto Airport. An accident could have happened due to the alleged negligence of the captain of the plane.

However, no damages were reported during the incident due to the timely instructions by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower.

PIA Boeing 777 Runway Incursion in Toronto [Official Report]
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As per the full pilot and ATC conversation uploaded on a Youtube channel (Haseeb Khan Aviation HD), the Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER, registration C-FKAU performing flight AC-7290 from Seoul to Toronto was instructed to “Pull Up, Go Around, Turn Right Heading 330”.



Given the situation, the air traffic controller demonstrated a presence of mind and the Canadian flight was notified in a timely manner. The air traffic controller asked the Canadian flight pull up and go around.

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Sources said that a notice was also taken by the PIA management on the alleged negligence of the PIA pilot. The airline management took stern notice of the incident and ordered the captain to repeat the cockpit resource management course.

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