PIA flight PK-301 reaches Karachi after 3 failed take-off attempts

While climbing out of Islamabad’s runway 28L, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-301 from Islamabad to Karachi stopped at around 4,000 feet due to engine trouble and strange engine noises.

According to the details, PIA Airbus A320-200, registration AP-BLB, with 180 passengers and 6 crew members aboard returned to Islamabad on runway 10R after 10 minutes of departure due to some technical problems with the engine (CFM56).

Baaghi TV has learnt that while engineers worked on the engine to fix the problem the passengers were kept aboard, however, unusual engine noise prevented the aircraft from taxiing out for departure. Sources reveal that the PIA aircraft took three attempts to get off the ground.

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Moreover, it has been revealed that after the third failed attempt of taxiing out of for departure, the passengers now insisted to deboard the aircraft. The Karachi-bound PIA flight which had to carry around 180 passengers was left with only 6 who finally left Islamabad after 7.5 hours.

After fixing the engine issue, the aircraft departed again about 5 hours after the scheduled departure time (which had already been delayed by 2.5 hours) and reached Karachi safely.

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