PIA officer allegedly demanding Rs 4000 from PK-229 passengers [VIDEO]

A Disgraceful Spectacle: PIA Should Take Immediate Action!!

A video has been circulating in which Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) officer Muhammad Adeel is allegedly demanding Rs 4000 for health insurance from the passengers of flight PK-229.

According to the details, a passenger who claims to be an ex-army official recorded the video over PIA’s ticketing counter in Lahore. In the video, the man claims that Muhammad Adeel is demanding Rs 4000 from all passengers traveling from Lahore to Muscat in PK-229 for medical health insurance.

It can be seen in the video recorded on May 5, 2022 (yesterday) that PIA officials are trying to stop the man from recording a video by saying that “making a video is not allowed inside the office premises”, however, they are unable to justify the reason for demanding money from the passengers.

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Furthermore, the man claims that the PIA officer is not giving any receipt or official/legal document after taking Rs 4000 from the passengers.

While talking to Baaghi TV, PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez Khan said that the matter is being investigated. “The officer has been suspended till further orders and a probe has been initiated against him to ascertain the facts,” Abdullah Khan said.

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The aviation industry has been among the worst hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, which has dented travel demand and forced major airlines to lay off staff and seek government bailouts. PIA management should take immediate action against such employees who are not only fulfilling their duties responsibly, rather being a disgrace for the entire nation.

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