PIA PK-301 Incident: What Actually Happened?

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A320-200 flight PK-301 returned to Islamabad on runway 10R after 10 minutes of departure due to some technical problems with the engine (CFM56).

According to the details, the PIA aircraft, registration AP-BLB, with 180 passengers and 6 crew members aboard stopped climbing at around 4,000 feet due to engine trouble and strange engine noises.

Moreover, the aviation sources told Baaghi TV that on December 12, 2021 (yesterday), PIA’s PK-301 had a dual integrated Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS) fault in the aircraft which is a difficult emergency situation where the aircraft gets out of autopilot and gets into a direct law.

PIA flight PK-301 reaches Karachi after 3 failed take-off attempts

In such a situation, the aircraft has to be flown manually and looking at the kind of training being imparted by PIA instructors it seems like a very difficult task for the pilots. Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention here that after the Air France incident close to Brazil, it was made mandatory by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to train pilots to fly these automated aircraft manually.

The ADIRS computes aircraft position, speed, altitude, attitude, and air data for the displays, flight management guidance system, flight controls, engine controls, and other systems. Each Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) combines an air data reference (ADR) system with a laser gyro inertial reference (IR) system in a single unit.

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It is to be remembered that yesterday, a PIA flight from Islamabad to Karachi stopped at around 4,000 feet after some technical problems and unusual noise from the aircraft’s engine.

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Moreover, it has been revealed that after the third failed attempt of taxiing out of for departure, the passengers now insisted to deboard the aircraft.

After the third departure attempt ended in vain due to unusual noise from the engine, passengers now insisted to deboard the aircraft, all but 6 passengers left the aircraft. The Karachi-bound PIA flight which had to carry around 180 passengers was left with only 6 who finally left Islamabad after 7.5 hours.

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