Thousands Of Pigeons Forced To Give Up Life In Kashmir

Srinagar: Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation.

According to details, this is the first time in the history of the world that Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation. The Indian government revoked the special status accorded to Indian occupied Kashmir in its constitution. 48th Day of consective curfew has paralyzed the life in Kashmir. Indian forces have arrested around 40,000 Kashmiris since August 5, the day when India abrogated Article 370 to scrap Jammu and Kashmir of its special status in the Indian constitution. Curfew has paralyzed the life of the oppressed people as well as created the shortage of the food even for the wild birds. Kashmiris struggle to meet loved ones. Kashmiris accuse Indian forces of resorting to violence during day and night time as well, raids amid ongoing lockdown.

The world has seen the black and double face of so called Indian Democracy who has pushed back and turned down the decision of its own Supreme Court regarding the lifting of curfew from Indian Held Jammu Kashmir and restoration of human rights in the State. Indian army raided kashmiri  homes since India’s government imposed a security crackdown in the region.

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