PM Congratulates Biden on Inauguration

20th January 2021, Baaghi TV: Prime Minister Imran Khan has congratulated Joe Biden on his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States.

Using his official Twitter handle, Prime Minister Imran Khan has congratulated President Joe Biden and expressed his willingness to work in concert with him in strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries.

He has highlighted the need for dialogue on multiple levels. This includes trade and economic engagement, countering climate change, improving public health, combating public health, combating corruption, and promoting peace in the region and beyond.

The message of the Prime Minister comes at a time when Pakistan is actively facilitating the Afghan Peace Dialogue that aims to enable the United States to withdraw troops in a controlled fashion and resolve concerns regarding the political setup with the Afghan government and the Taliban on board. The PM has clearly stated that Pakistan will continue to play its role for peace under the new administration of the United States. He has also underlined the importance of the US in handling the critical issues of corruption and climate change.


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