PM criticises EU envoys at their demand to condemn Russia

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan lashed out at the European Union (EU) envoys’ demand to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In response to the letter written by the European Union envoys in Pakistan, PM asked the bloc where were they when India broke the international law in Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan spoke about the EU’s envoys’ letter to Pakistan during a public rally in Tahsil Mailsi of the Vehari District. PM Imran Khan was accompanied by Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar and other members of his government.

The PM told the people of Mailsi that following his parent’s teachings, he had always believed that Pakistan should not be a “slave to anyone.”

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“EU ambassadors wrote a letter to Pakistan, asking us to issue an anti-Russia statement. I ask EU ambassadors “did you write that letter to India as well?” said PM.

The PM reminded the participants of the rally that Pakistan had helped the Western bloc throughout its War on Terror (WoT), added that had he been in power at that time, he would have prevented Pakistan to become a party to the war.

“The head of the country at that time supported the US,” said PM Khan. He wondered what Pakistan gained out of supporting the West apart from losing 80,000 of its citizens, displacement of 3,5 million people and losing over $100 billion.

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“I ask EU ambassadors, did you thank us? Did you acknowledge our support in the war? Did you appreciate us?” PM questioned the envoys.

The PM also reminded the envoys that instead of thanking Pakistan, there were some people in the West that scapegoated Islamabad.

“When India broke international law in Kashmir and abrogated Kashmir’s autonomous status, did anyone of you break ties with India, end trade or criticise [New Delhi]?” asked Imran Khan.

The PM concluded on the matter that Pakistan does not want enmity with anyone and will assist in settling the matter in a peaceful manner rather than being part of any war.

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