PM Imran Khan, All Set For The Final Spell

New York: Prime Minister Imran Khan will address 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday (today). Meanwhile, Prime Minister Khan is likely to address the UNGA session shortly after the Indian PM’s address.

The proceedings of the UN will begin at 6:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time (PKT). Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to address the session between 9:00 to 10:00 pm PKT.

Prime Minister Khan and his Indian counterpart, Modi, are both ready to address the UNGA session in New York today. Imran Khan’s speech will primarily focus on the catastrophic human plight unfolding in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) following the siege in the valley for more than 50 days.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is heading a series of strong diplomatic interactions with the world leaders on imperative issues including the rise of Islamophobia, Kashmir issue, climate change, and undue vilifying of Pakistan and the Muslim community globally.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister is on his maiden trip to 74th UNGA’s Convention. His popularity has peaked even before his formal address to UNGA as he became the second most searched UNGA leader, according to a list of Google Analytic Trends.

After Pakistan’s successful diplomatic lobbying and meetings at the sidelines, all eyes are fixed on UNGA session where Prime Minister Imran Khan will be delivering perhaps one of the most important speeches of his life.

Moreover, PM Khan said he would ask the UN to intervene when he will address the General Assembly on Friday (today). “This is the UN’s job,” he said, adding, “They have to intervene, send observers there.”

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