PM Imran Khan will reach in Islamabad today

Prime Minister Imran Khan left New York on a commercial flight of saudia airlines on Saturday and arrived in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah at 8am today.

Flight of Saudi airlines in which PM is traveling is scheduled to arrive in Islamabad at 8pm after a stop over in Saudi Arabia.

After  his departure from Newyork, the prime  minister met UN Secretary General António Guterres and discussed the Kashmir issue and breifly told him human rights situation in IOK.

According to Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the Prime minister of Pakistan Imran  Khan  had 70 meetings during his long trip to the US. He met world leaders, think tanks and editorial boards of different US newspapers. The Foreign minister held 50 meetings of his own.

Five hours after it take off from newyork, it had to turn back over Toronto because a fault in the navigation system, according to FM shah Mahmoud Qureshi. The delegation spent the night at Roswelt hotel governed by PIA a hotel in New York before departing on a commercial flight of saudi  arabia airlines on Saturday evening.

The prime minister’s adviser on trade, Abdul Razzak Dawood, called the trip a success in terms of business and trade. We discussed CPEC very little here, he said, adding that CPEC has its own dynamics. God willing, CPEC will remain like this, he said.

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