PM Khan celebrates developmental efforts of the Punjab government, expresses hope for the future

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly lauded the Punjab Government for its development project.

According to reports, PM Khan has said that such projects should have been launched in Pakistan years ago. He stated that it is very easy for a rich man to get  loan from the bank however, a a common man can never even dream of having a house of his own.

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The Prime Minister added that this is a kneading cause for the growth in slums. According to reports, it has been announced that after 31 tehsils, the project will be expanded to include more.

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Moreover, it is estimated that 40% of the population in Karachi belongs to the slums. PM Khan stated that if the installment is fixed at Rs.5,000/- per month the house can come into ownership within 20 years, whereas, if the installment is kept at Rs.10,000/- the house ownership can be transferred within 10 years.

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PM Khan further said that the such development projects will be started in all tehsils across the state. He added, I am thankful to the judiciary for passing the law. It took us two years to get the law passed by the court. Banks were not in the habit of giving loans to common people. 30 other industries are started from the housing sector.

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