PM Khan – sixth most popular world leader on Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan becomes sixth most followed leader with 10.5 million followers on social media platform Twitter.

As per details Prime Minister Imran Khan is at mumber six in the list of most popular leaders on the basis of Twitter followers. Khan’s Twitter account grows at rapid pace after his speech at UNGA.

Currently United States President Donald Trump is at top of the list with 65.3 million followers on Twitter.

In April this year,  PM Khan was at number nine in most followed world leaders with 9.4 million followers and number of followers increased after his speech at UNGA where he proved himself leader of Muslim world and ammbassdor of Kashmir.

Addressing the UNGA session, Prime Khan bravely defend Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He represents case of Kashmiris logically and clearly with warning of war till last breath if happened.

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