PM Shehbaz Sharif requests a comprehensive court panel to probe Imran Khan’s accusations

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday requested Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial to appoint a full court commission to examine the assassination attempt against Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI.

“The chief justice should form a full court commissioner to halt this turmoil and depravity.” During a press conference in Lahore, the prime minister stated that questions would be raised in the future if his appeal was not heeded.

“I will attend in court whenever you ask me to,” Prime Minister Shehbaz stated, adding that he would soon submit a letter to the chief judge requesting the formation of a full court and acceptance of its ruling.

The prime minister emphasized that the country and nation would benefit from the commission.

He stated that he would seek CJP to put the issue before this commission and asserted that it is his responsibility to respond to allegations that target institutions.

The prime minister questioned Khan about his displeasure with the judiciary, asserting that he opposes it when it is not to his advantage.

“You have accused the prime minister, the interior minister, and a military member. During the news conference, the prime minister stated, “I will leave politics if I am found to be a part of this scheme.”

The Prime Minister began the press conference by condemning the assassination attempt on Khan and informing the media that he had canceled his press conference on the day he returned from China due to the tragedy.

The prime minister wished Khan and the other victims of the attack a speedy recovery and said a prayer for the fatally shot victim.

“The attack is deplorable, but when the nation is being driven toward ruin by false narratives, it is my job to play a good part in protecting the people,” he said, requesting the PTI head to provide evidence to support his charges.

The prime minister criticizes Khan’s “false and petty plots.”

PM Shehbaz added that Khan is harming the nation with his “false and cheap conspiracies” and that he is also constructing bad narratives about the institutions.

During the press conference, a video compilation of Khan speaking about the army and military officials since 2011 was shown to the media.

The prime minister insisted, “I have no right to continue to retain the Prime Minister’s Office” if Khan could convince the public that he was behind the attack.

PM Shehbaz states that it would be an “injustice” for courts and the nation to stay passive if Imran Khan’s claims against institutions and the government are shown to be false.

“Inquire about the attack in Punjab”

Regarding the assassination claims made against him, the prime minister stated, “The Punjab government is yours; you have the special branch, the Intelligence Bureau, and other agencies. Request investigation.”

“On October 28, the federal agency submitted a letter to the Punjab government regarding threats of terrorist attacks on Khan’s long march,” the provincial premier stated, adding that it was the province’s obligation to maintain safety after receiving the letter.

The premier stated that the Punjab administration should be questioned regarding the occurrence and the delay in filing the initial report of information (FIR).

The Punjab administration should be held liable for the occurrence because it was their obligation.

PM Shehbaz said that the inspector-general and the chief secretary are their employees, so why haven’t they done a forensic examination of the four bullets [which they allege hit Khan]?

Clarifying that he was adamantly opposed to playing the religion card, he noted that when Ahsan Iqbal was attacked in the name of religion, nobody inquired about his well-being.

On May 7, 2018, a young man opened fire on PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal, the interior minister at the time, during a meeting in his Narowal constituency.

“Unfounded claims”

Reiterating his position that Khan is making false accusations, PM Shehbaz urged the PTI leader to show evidence demonstrating the involvement of himself, Sanauallah, and a top army general.

The prime minister insisted, “I have no right to continue to retain the Prime Minister’s Office” if Khan could convince the public that he was behind the attack.

Recalling the events that have transpired since Khan’s no-confidence motion was filed earlier this year, PM Shehbaz reaffirmed that the PTI administration was dismissed constitutionally.

The prime minister reprimanded Khan for his “false conspiracies” and for his criticism of an institution that has made numerous sacrifices. He said, “No one can speak so negatively about this institution.”

In answer to a query on the video of Senator Azam Swati that was circulating on social media, Prime Minister Shehbaz stated that he was aware of the situation and had instructed the Ministry of Interior to take note. He promised to inform the public of the findings.

Contradictions abound throughout Khan’s narratives

Criticizing Khan’s conflicting comments during his political career, the prime minister stated, “Imran Khan’s stories are contradictory. This individual, who was offered a second chance at life by Allah, cannot be telling lies day and night. Today, he is criticizing the Pakistani military in an adversarial manner.”

The prime minister criticized the PTI head for his remarks against state institutions, especially Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa and his family, and lamented the fact that Pakistan’s adversaries were rejoicing over the dire situation there.

What else would a hostile nation like India desire? Today is a joyous occasion. Prime Minister Shehbaz referred to Khan as an “idol of lies — from head to toe” and said that India’s television networks are ecstatic to see Khan speak negatively about the ISI and military institutions. Khan is making allegations against the ISI and military institutions that are so serious that they are inconceivable.

Unfortunately, he is endeavoring to derail the nation. However, Allah will safeguard this nation of 22 million people.”

Regarding Khan’s alleged corruption

The prime minister spoke about the Rs10 billion Panama lawsuit filed against him after Khan campaigned against the Sharif brothers and the PML-N five years ago.

“The Lahore High Court continues to hear the case filed against me five years ago.” Several judges came and went, but his attorneys did not appear, even though the case was being heard under their watch,” the prime minister said, highlighting how the PTI-led government issued an ordinance to appoint retired judges to the accountability court to blackmail and use them against the opposition.

“People such as Javed Iqbal (former National Accountability Bureau chief) were utilized. Tayyaba Gul was forcibly confined at the PM House and coerced through Iqbal so that he could be used against us and for cases against them to be annulled,” Prime Minister Shehbaz stated, emphasizing that he had solely intended to punish the PML-N.

While addressing the media, the prime minister acknowledged that he had been questioned about the Model Town incident.

“During their tenure, the trial court cleared me and my colleagues in the Model Town case, and the Lahore High Court upheld the judgement.”

He also questioned Khan’s corruption allegations against himself and the Sharif family about the Multan Metro case, the $17 million corruption case that also accused China, and the Daily Mail’s Department for International Development (DFID) story against himself that was published on Khan’s and his former accountability aide Shehzad Akbar’s behest.

He harmed institutions, the economy, and diplomatic relations. Certain truths about the nation’s foreign relations are hidden in my heart; if I were to reveal them, you would be horrified. However, because I am faithful, I will not discuss it. Regarding the harm caused by Khan’s administration, the prime minister stated, “I would not sacrifice Pakistan’s interests for personal benefit.”