PM to take strict action against Pakistani ambassador to KSA

Lahore, 29th April: Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued orders to investigate the case against the Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

PM Khan on Thursday ordered an inquiry to be conducted against the Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia Raja Ali Ejaz after getting reports of ill-treatment of overseas Pakistanis by the embassy.

While addressing the media at the launch of Roshan Digital incentives for ex-pats, the premiere informed that a high-powered inquiry is underway against the Pakistani ambassador in Saudia and his staff after reports came in about the mistreatment carried out to the Pakistanis there.

According to reports, the embassy staff has been alleged to minting money from Pakistani nationals in Saudi Arabia.

PM Khan added that most of the staff of the embassy has been recalled now, as per his directive, and warned to take strict action against those who are responsible for negligence.

Prime Minister said that it is indeed binding upon the foreign missions to facilitate Pakistan nationals abroad especially the laborers and working class.

PM Khan praised the services of the labor-class earning hard-earned money abroad in such difficult times and sending them to their families back home.

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