PM urges nation to reach Islamabad to stand with the truth

SWAT: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Wednesday urged the nation to reach Islamabad on March 27, when PTI is set to hold a massive rally, to tell the world that Pakistanis “stand with the truth and against corruption.”

“People conscience is being auctioned […] it is the duty of people now to stand against evil,” the prime minister said, referring to the no-confidence motion against him, while addressing the PTI jalsa in Swat.

The voting session on the Opposition’s no-confidence motion against the premier is expected to take place in the last days of this month, with the government trying to woo its allies in supporting it and the Opposition seeking to break the alliance in the National Assembly.

Vote of No Confidence – A Short Note

The prime minister is on a one-day trip to Swat ahead of the second phase of the local body polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. After the defeat in the first phase, the PTI has ramped up its campaigns, while PM Imran Khan is leading all the rallies in the major cities.

The prime minister urged the nation that they have to struggle against three “mice”, Zardari, Fazl, and PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, for the future of Pakistan.

“But I also promise you that I will hunt them down,” he vowed as he called on the people to support him in the cause.

PM Imran Khan claimed that the Opposition has started horse-trading to make their no-confidence motion, against the prime minister, successful.

“They want to oust me because they know that if I am in power for another year, all of them will be in jails […] and the first thing they plan plan on doing after coming into power to dismantle NAB,” he said.

Government or Opposition? PML-Q likely to decide today!

PM also claimed that during his government’s tenure, the development has been better as compared to the tenure of previous governments.

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