PM wins hearts and minds of Pakistanis, Kashmiris through his historic national address

PESHAWAR, Aug 27 (APP):People from all walks of life here Tuesday appreciated the address of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his untiring efforts for highlighting the core issue of Kashmir and grave human rights violations in India occupied Kashmir before world level.

“The address of prime minister was comprehensive and bold as he excellently highlighted the whole grim situation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) in most effective manner,” PTI leader and Member National Assembly Nasir Khan Musazai told APP.

He said Prime Minister has won the hearts and minds of people of Pakistan and Kashmiris for his bold stance on Kashmir in his national address that was being appreciated at national and international forums.

He said Kashmir was unfinished agenda on the partition plan of the subcontinent and its solution in accordance with UN Security Council’s resolutions was imperative for lasting peace and stability in the region.

He said road to peace in South Asia was passing through Kashmir and peace in sub-continent could not be established unless resolution of this core issue, saying it is right time to implement UNSC’s resolutions on Kashmir by giving right to self-determination to Kashmiris, which is their just, legitimate and legal demand since 1947.

The PTI leader said Prime Minister Imran Khan has boldly highlighted the atrocities and human rights violations in IoK before world leaders including US President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s principle stand on Kashmir is being globally appreciated.
He supported the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan for observing 30-minute weekly event to express solidarity with people of IoK.
Misal Khan, a retired Information Officer also commended the address of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the bold stand adopted by his Government on the issue of Kashmir.

He said India’s decision to revoke Article 370 would prove to be a historic blinder by the Modi government in occupied Kashmir. He said due to wrong decision of India, the Kashmir issue has again internationalized and time is nearer when people of the held valley will get independence from Indian yoke.

“Freedom of expressions and communication is the fundamental right of people of IoK who were deprived from this basic right for the last 23 days due to imposition of prolonged curfew and siege imposed by the occupational forces in the Indian held valley.
He said independent media was not being allowed to report real situation in IoK and the communication blackout have exposed the so-called secularism of India.

He said PM Modi during his meeting with US President Donald Trump has confessed that Kashmir was bilateral issue between Pakistan and India rather than an internal matter of India. “I demand from international community, USA and UN to take notice of serious human rights abuses and extra judicial killings of innocent Kashmiris in IoK and implement UNSC resolution on Kashmir to save over two billion people from yet another looming war on issue of Kashmir.

He supported PM Imran Khan announcement of observance of 30 minutes weekly event to express solidarity with Kashmiries, saying it would be a good gesture on part of Pakistanis to reiterate their unwavering support to the oppressed people of IoK.

PTI leader and Nazim Bahadar Khan, economist Sumbul Riaz, tribal elder Asghar Afridi and schoolteacher Riaz Khan and others have also welcomed PM’s address and termed it historic.

They expressed the hope that issue of Kashmir would be further highlighted during the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to address UN General Assembly next month where he would appraise the world communities about the grim situation developed in IoK after Modi Government’s unilateral and illegal decision to revoke 370 article in the held valley that put peace of South Asia at stake.

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