PM’s Photo Won’t Be On Vaccine Certificates

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photograph has been taken off vaccine certificates in five states where elections will be held next month, sources have said. Official sources said filters have been applied on the CoWIN platform to exclude PM Modi’s photo in the five states as the model code of conduct came into into force.

A similar move was made during a string of state elections held in April-May last year after complaints from various opposition parties.

The Congress alleged that the vaccination process is being used as a means for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “personal publicity” rather than a tool to save people’s lives.

At the time, Congress’s Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had launched the “Zimmidaar Kaun (Who is responsible)”campaign, targeting the BJP government over the vaccination programme.

Given India’s history of vaccine production and the vastness of its vaccine programmes, it is easy to believe that the government would do this work in a better way, Ms Gandhi Vadra had said.